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"In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught." -- Baba Dioum

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One of the most difficult things is to actually find a way to help our planet.

Most people have a will to do something, but often end up doing nothing, as it gets too time consuming, too complicated or perhaps too difficult to do what they want.

So the problem is not lack of a interest, but a lack of money and/or time.

That's why I will present a solution, which is simple, yet powerful. It does not cost much, yet it is strong. And finally it will only take as much time as you are willing or able to put into it.

The name of the program, is Permaworld. Maybe you have heard of it, but probably not, as it is a fairly young program.

The basic concept of the program is to eliminate the two main problems - lack of time and money.

With your participation and assistance from other members in our unique 'team building' program, you can develop a fundraising group that can generate up to $19,525.00 a month or $234,300.00 a year in funds for Environmental and Earth Care organizations worldwide. These organizations are working daily to help protect endangered wildlife and fragile ecosystems while creating a more sustainable and healthier world TODAY and for future generations.

Donate $10.00 month to Permaworld and promote your personalized web site with others. You may be surprised just how many people decide to join. When they join from YOUR website, they automatically join as part of your group.

Together with these people and others they introduce themselves, you create a fundraising team. The simple $10.00 month donation you and members of your team contribute can transform via commissions, into a SECURE and PERMANENT income for you of up to $5,765.00 each and every month.

Your fundraising team develops not only from your efforts, but the efforts of others in your group, the Permaworld admin and the unique 'spillover' effect from members who have joined before you. Your group can be directly responsible for generating up to $19,525.00 month, or a total of up to $234,300.00 a year for Earth Care organizations around the world.

Where does the $10.00 a month payment go?

Permashare is set up with maximum benefit for members while designed to raise the maximum amount of funds for organizations. 50% ($5.00) of your $10.00 month donation is sent to the Earth Care organization of YOUR choice and 50% ($5.00) is paid out in commissions to members, just like YOU.

So, why not visit Permaworld yourself now and take a look around. The basic membership is FREE, so it is up to you if you wish to join as a paying member or not.

If you have any questions or thoughts, please let me know.

Click here to visit Permaworld.

DolphinLady Gifts donates a portion of each purchase to help save marine mammals and provide education so our children and grandchildren will continue to enjoy the amazing marine mammals in the future. Donations are made to The Marine Mammal Center and other charities that help marine mammals will be added soon.

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