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You will notice the Guaranteed Formula icon on each New Image product. New Image is one of the first consumer product companies to register its formulas with a third-party research institution to certify that the ingredients listed on the container are guaranteed to be present in the finished product.


When you give your body what it needs, it will do what it needs to do. But you diet to lose weight. Do you really think you are giving your body what it needs now? Definitely not. Now your body thinks it is being deprived and starts working REALLY hard to keep everything it can. Especially the excess fat.

And you exercise. But you are running on LESS fuel and you are starting at a point where you are out-of-shape with NO energy. How long are you going to stick with the exercise? Not long. You burn yourself out.

This is what we have been doing for years and it DOESN'T work. But we do it over and over. And each time we gain all the weight back and more because our bodies have learned that we will deprive ourselves again.

So what if you gave your body what it needs? New Image Fastrim™ is a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and thermogenic herbs that synergistically give your body what it needs so you can lose the weight and have the energy you need. New Image Fastrim™ has four weight loss benefits in one formula.

Increase Metabolism
Do you believe you have a slow metabolism? Many of us do and it only slows down more as we age. Metabolism is the process where food is converted into energy for our body to use. New Image Fastrim™ has ingredients that help to increase metabolism to product more energy and burn fat.

Absorb Fat
What? You mean the fat in the food I eat or the excess fat on my body? Both! New Image Fastrim™ contains ingredients, Chitosan and Green Tea Extract, which reduce your body's absorption of fat and cholestrol. Additional ingredients, Choline Bitartrate and Garcinia Cambogia Extract, work to emulsify (breakdown) your stored fat so it can be moved out of your body. When I tell you to drink lots of water on the New Image Fastrim™ plan, this is the reason why.

Reduce Appetite
We have been trained to clean our plates and buy the combo meals that have way more food than we need. Our head controls how much we eat when it should be our stomach signaling the end of a meal. Then the snack machines are always calling out and there goes that pang of hunger. New Image Fastrim™ has ingredients that reduce our appetite and shut down the between meals hunger. You will be satisfied and feel full.

Build Muscle Tone
Did you go work out today? Well, neither did I. I bet you're too busy, too. Don't feel bad because most of us are not as active today and this leads to a loss of muscle tone and increased body weight. New Image Fastrim™ contains an amazing ingredient called Chromium Picolinate. It works to help strengthen and build muscle tone. Since muscles use fat for energy, your increased muscle tone will burn more fat.

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